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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Emily - Our Neighborhood Ghost

Emily's Old House
Growing up in an older neighborhood you see many people moving in and moving out. You see "For Sale" all over the place as the population continued to move our to the suburbs. Not everyone moved out however.

Emily was a widow who was set to live out the rest of her life in her old house. There was no tale of terror or horror about her husband's death. He died on his vacation to Florida.

Car accident.

Instant death.

Well, Emily was a strong woman and decided to deal with her husband's death by taking care of her own life. She vowed never to drive in a car and rarely leave the house.

As years went on her house became dilapidated but her resolve kept her there. All along this time, homes were demolished and new ones built and with the new ones came new neighbors.

Neighbors with kids.

Kids who loved trick or treating.

Emily didn't mind. Every  year she would greet the kiddies knocking on her door. She'd make a comment about the costumes or just smile or laugh. Especially at the younger ones. Emily loved kids, although she had none of her own.

It became a tradition in the neighborhood to knock on her door at Halloween. She was automatic candy to the kids. Many grown-ups started refusing to open doors or "claimed" they didn't celebrate Halloween, so Emily was a door the kids would not skip. Guaranteed candy, indeed.

Yes year after year they came a-knockin'. And as the little ones got too old, soon other little took their places. Emily, though, was aging.

Getting feeble.

Hardly ever seen.

One year she did not answer the door. 

Another year passed and no answer from Emily.

The house was starting to look worse than ever. Then a "For Sale" on her front yard.

Well, Halloween arrived again. The kids knew she did not answer the door for two years. Some of them dared each other to knock on her door, as now the house looked pretty spooky, especially at dusk.

Well, some brave kiddies knocked on her door. No answer. They knocked again. Getting brave, they started calling out her name.

"Emily!" "Emily! Trick or Treat!!"

Then, all of a sudden, the door creaked open . . .

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ghosts - or Optical illusion?

There has been much debate about the alleged demon haunting that occurred in Gary Indiana this year. Paranormal activity, demonic possession, exorcisms, and alas that ghost in the photo. We will be discussing that photo a bit further down but want to call your attention to the Fantom Phactory masthead.

The masthead is the big header at the top of this blog. The photo is a real, non-photo-shopped photo. Except for some illustration for the title, and the street sign, the only adjustment is in color saturation for the sky. Other than that, no drawing or pixel changes were made to this photo. The photo was taken in 2011 in Michigan, along with other angles and views. 

Several people had brought to our attention that if you stare at the building from about 24 inches you can see ghosts. And to our surprise -yes! Now you can enlarge the screen but the images of the ghosts fade away and if you shrink the screen the fade as well. It's just that if you look directly at about 2 feet do you notice something.

Do You See Any Ghosts In Our Masthead?

Well let's look at more ghost pictures and some optical illusions.

download . . . in the dead of night!

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