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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Revenge of the Robot: Son of Robot Released

Revenge of the Robot
Old Robot Dead - Long Live New Robot
Revenge of the Robot: Son of Robot 3.0 Released

Digging in the vault of broken parts and dusty vibes, we found the extended version of TeknoGeek's The Robot (2009). The Robot 2.0 (also known as The Robot Returns) was a variation but this recent discovery extends the song into another "realm".

Hence, the song which crawls out of the original would be aptly called "Son of Robot 3.0."

Alternative title is "Revenge of the Robot". It's pretty cool, especially with the added segue of the intro music to "Son of Pumpkinstein Theme".

We remixed and remastered and this instrumental for optimum result. Face it, in a highly tech world and the emergence of AI, a robot going mad is a frightening thing. Many robots wreak havoc (Klaatu Barada Nikto, anyone? Gort are you still out there?). Not all were lovable like the robot from Lost In Space who played a good nemesis to Dr. Smith. He (the Robot) was more lovable than Robbie the Robot.

Most of the TeknoGeek GoonSquad songs (soundtracks) were to be chapters in their story relating to the discovery of the Robot, going to Seattle, plotting to kidnap Jimmy Page, and discovery an old cassette player which had a tape that plays screams of the dead. Pretty frightening.

Most of the various TeknoGeek story lines were lost, but we do have this song below.

This tune is available for purchase at Reverbnation.

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