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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creeping Around The Blogosphere of Horror

'Twas creeping around the blogosphere of horror searching for cool and unusual sites that discuss the unexplained and the terrifying. Here are 4 places of notoriety.

First Stop: Unexplained Mysteries

Did Jules Verne ever see a Kraken?

[File under "Inquiry"]

Was the Kraken ever a real creature? Could it be possible a Giant Platypus fossil was unearthed? Cryptozoology is very interesting and although it doesn't send shivers up your spine it borders on the surreal. There's some pretty interesting and weird stuff on this site. Everything from ghosts to Art Bell and oddities that can generate some fodder for your next nightmare.

But remember this, when someone reports on something unusual, is it a first-hand report or a filtered report? Is the original story fact or fiction or simply embellishment? Is the internet tale written in a way to pique interest even more? So reader beware. Beware it could be true, too!

And don't always blame the reporter - he can be duped as well. This site is good for you to make a decision on some the items reported and there's never a dull moment. 

Release the Kracken!

Second Stop: Record Obscura Blog
Vampire paper training his dog Wolfie

[File under "Music"]

Perusing the web I found some deliciously interesting information at Record Obscura about one of the greatest TV horror soundtrack albums of all-time. Yes, I'm talking about: The Original Soundtrack to TV's Dark Shadows. Composer Robert Cobert recorded some great music that also has the vocal talents of Jonathan Frid (vampire Barnabas Collins) and David Selby (werewolf and zombie Quentin Collins) narrating the instrumentals. 

"A hush falls through the melancholy halls of Collinwood . . " Jonathan Frid could not have read his

Friday, November 1, 2013

Spooky Tidbits: Dark Shadows News Page: Barnabas Makes Headlines

"Dark Shadows News Page: Barnabas Makes Headlines: TV Guide had named Barnabas Collins one of TV's 60 Nastiest Villians of All Time. Barnabas placed at number eight: "The Dracul..."

Just wanted to share some tidbit info about one of the best horror TV shows of all time.

Many great actors and actresses got their start on Dark Shadows and all-around it was a superb show for its time. What stood out was not only the storyline and the sets but the horror music composed by Robert Cobert.

The link above is strictly Dark Shadows related. If you are an old or new fan - go there . . . but don' t forget to check out the Fantom Phactory every now and then for more tales of terror and scarey music. -ed.

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