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Monday, October 7, 2013

Haunted Farmhouse Set for Demolition

October 8, 1941 – The latest reports coming out of Achinson County are that the old homestead of 19th century country doctor, Jacob Stillson, is being haunted by an evil force or entity. Passers-by claim to hear sounds that are other-worldly and ungodly. Although nothing has been seen, travelers have reported to detect unusual scents and bitter smells not compatible with human olfactory senses.The house recently had a court order which required it to be demolished as there are no inhabitants for the past 12 years and unpaid taxes have been piling up in a county in dire need of revenue because of the current situation with the war.

Adding to the intrigue, various reports claim that the old farmhouse is not haunted by Jacob’s ghost, but may have been infiltrated by a vengeful poltergeist. These reports have many locals spewing gossip about what it may be, when in fact it could just be creatures of the night on the prowl for an evening meal or mating dance.

Dr Stillson, according to some old unpublished biographical essays, was a general practitioner but developed a penchant for some of his own medicinal concoctions. His biography was left at the wayside and not included in the County history but somehow managed to survive in an old tin box in the archives room. Accordingly, after a while, he stopped making house calls as his horse mysteriously disappeared. It seems he may have become a recluse and died in his home. No historical information or other county records have any details about his death or whither he removed to another location.

Rumor from a few surviving long time residents had surfaced that he developed a love of the violin, that when he was not out and about curing ails and delivering babies, he was merrily engaging in playing his violin. What the violin and his possible addiction to medical drugs have in common is uncertain, to be sure; however these things may have nothing to do with the current goings-on at the old house.

Although it may be getting close to Halloween and all kinds of pranks and shenanigans are being planned by youngsters around the county, it is hard to say that the season has anything to do with it since the first report of weird noises began in late August. Most reports have been ignored by the authorities. The county has set a date to demolish the old building after it has determined it is safe for workmen. After demolition, the property will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. During this time of war, some county officials fear that the property may not sell, not because of hauntings, but because there a few with financial resources.

More information on this report is forthcoming.

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