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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creeping Around The Blogosphere of Horror

'Twas creeping around the blogosphere of horror searching for cool and unusual sites that discuss the unexplained and the terrifying. Here are 4 places of notoriety.

First Stop: Unexplained Mysteries

Did Jules Verne ever see a Kraken?

[File under "Inquiry"]

Was the Kraken ever a real creature? Could it be possible a Giant Platypus fossil was unearthed? Cryptozoology is very interesting and although it doesn't send shivers up your spine it borders on the surreal. There's some pretty interesting and weird stuff on this site. Everything from ghosts to Art Bell and oddities that can generate some fodder for your next nightmare.

But remember this, when someone reports on something unusual, is it a first-hand report or a filtered report? Is the original story fact or fiction or simply embellishment? Is the internet tale written in a way to pique interest even more? So reader beware. Beware it could be true, too!

And don't always blame the reporter - he can be duped as well. This site is good for you to make a decision on some the items reported and there's never a dull moment. 

Release the Kracken!

Second Stop: Record Obscura Blog
Vampire paper training his dog Wolfie

[File under "Music"]

Perusing the web I found some deliciously interesting information at Record Obscura about one of the greatest TV horror soundtrack albums of all-time. Yes, I'm talking about: The Original Soundtrack to TV's Dark Shadows. Composer Robert Cobert recorded some great music that also has the vocal talents of Jonathan Frid (vampire Barnabas Collins) and David Selby (werewolf and zombie Quentin Collins) narrating the instrumentals. 

"A hush falls through the melancholy halls of Collinwood . . " Jonathan Frid could not have read his
lines any better on these tracks. His final narration at the conclusion of the original record right before the closing theme song gives anyone those eerie chills - even during midday! 

Check out the high energy song "The Night of The Pentagram." This burst of excitement usually accompanied David Selby turning into a werewolf (or in the case of the movie House of Dark Shadows, the climax of the film). Waking you up with blaring trumpets, the tympanies pound to speed up your heart rate. At about any moment, you could turn around and be faced with a blood-thirsty killer werewolf who wants to tear you to shreds and bury you in his backyard next to other bones he has out there.

Cobert was a master at music, whether it be incidental, themes, set-ups, or even traditional songs. 
Also on this blog are some newspaper clips about Jonathan Frid and the show itself.
Being one of the biggest Dark Shadows fans of all time, this blog has a lot of meat in it. Something every aspiring werewolf needs.

Next Stop: Monster Movie Music Blog
John Newland has a tale to tell from beyond the grave
[File under "Television"]

Monster Movie Music Blog has interesting tale about one of the best "true but weird" story TV shows One Step Beyond. This show is a precursor to the Twilight Zone and similar in many ways EXCEPT the tales are based on true events! 

After discovering various episodes in bargain bins at dollar stores I became a fan and collector of this TV show, which was taped in glorious black and white. In the genre of Twilight Zone/Alfred Hitchcock/Tales of Tomorrow etc. This show was hosted by John Newland.  His tale introductions and story conclusions give you goose bumps (alongside with help from the great score of Harry Lubin). 

On this blog there's an article that shows some neat photos of one of my fave tales: the falling rocks of Chico California. The story is based on a true event and to this day no one can explain how rocks can fall out of the sky at the same time every day, at the same spot.

Last Stop:   Scary Monster Magazine Website
Full Cover of Current Issue of Scary Monsters #89
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Unbelievable but I still have some of my Scary Monsters Magazines. This is a magazine that came out yesteryear and is making a big comeback to true classic horror fans all over. Similar to Famous Monsters of Filmland, Scary Monsters has the edge as it is back in print and available at Barnes and Noble. Reading through the pages is pure nostalgia and a trigger to why horror movies, books, and stories were created: simple FUN. 

After a dry spell with B-movies and cheap Sci-Fi programs, horror movies and TV shows were back in vogue in the 60's, perhaps in retaliation to the social culture change of the hippy movement and the harsh reality of the Viet Nam War. Getting spooked by classic monsters is perhaps more comforting than the world on LSD and soldiers getting spit on when they returned from Southeast Asia.

Scary Monsters captures the classics, and after seeing all the generic vampire/werewolf/zombie TV shows and movies of recent times, one does begin to yearn for actors and actresses of stature and ability and creativity. 

In summary, visit these blogs and websites. Taste the movies and music and programs of the classics. Read, listen and investigate into tales or mysteries of the unknown. With the current junk that is out there right now, you can indeed enrich yourself with things that ordinary mortals are now devoid of, and have a jolly good time as well.

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